Some website has posted the “15 Anticipated Movies of 2011.” I’m not sure if they’re “Most Anticipated” or just “upcoming.” The article doesn’t really explain. I can’t really take it seriously, because it says in the first paragraph, “their is” rather than “there is.” But here’s my take on these…

1. Green Lantern.
I’ve always been more of a Marvel than DC guy, and to be honest, Marvel has put out a whole lot of movies in recent years. And I’d have to say that all DC has really banked on was the renewal of Batman. Sure, Jonah Hex was a DC comic, but who knows anything about that guy?

When I see the trailer, I think to myself, “Hey, this looks like it’d be a great rental. From Redbox.” Nothing makes me excited about this movie enough to lay out the bucks to see it in the theater. Even better, it’s undergoing a ‘conversion’ to 3D. Even less of a reason to go see it. Yeah, I’m not a fan of 3D. I wasn’t when Jaws 3D came out. I’m not a fan now.

Let’s hope DC can start making decent comic book movies, so that Marvel doesn’t have a monopoly on this.

2. Red Riding Hood
I saw the trailer at the front of the latest Harry Potter movie, and I was both annoyed and intrigued at the same time. It was fairly obvious it was going to be Little Red Riding Hood on the big screen. It was fairly annoyed. That is until they threw in the Werewolf aspect. Then I was intrigued.

I might make this an excuse to get out to the theater to watch. If you know me, then you know that I’m a zombie man, but I’ll allow werewolves as long as they’re not in movies with sparkling vampires. Something tells me there will be a twist in this where the werewolf is somehow related to Miss Hood.

3. Immortals
I haven’t heard of this until I saw this list. It has Mickey Rourke and John Hurt in it. It’s a Greek tale about Theseus. Theseus apparently the founder of Athens, and is on the same level as Heracles and Perseus. Also Cadmus. I’ve never heard of Cadmus or Theseus. Which is probably why Hollywood decided to make a movie out of it. Clash of the Titans did fairly well, right?

This may be another rental for me. Who knows.

4. Sucker Punch
All I know about this one is that they’ve put a lot of pictures of the women in the movie. Had they been dressed in Jane Austen attire, I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention or been able to tell you anything about this movie. They were, however, scantily clad warrior women (think Heavy Metal). Not that made me interested in the movie, just that I knew that there were women in it. Something tells me this movie is really about skin and fights, so that men will go see it. It’s a good thing Women’s Lib is dead. Otherwise, we’d not get to see naked warrior women.

Again, a rental for me. Or something…

5.  X-Men: First Class
There is really no reason for this movie. It’s a prequel. It tells how Professor X and Magneto came into being. It shows us how they went from ‘normal’ to ‘mutants.’ And, I’m pretty sure it is going to cause big continuity issues with the rest of the X-Men movies.

I’ll watch this. Probably sometime after this movie hits the five-dollar bin at Wal-Mart.

6. Rise of the Apes
I had no idea this movie was even being considered. It’s another movie about how things began. In this case, it shows us how we got “Planet of the Apes.” Not the cool Charleton Heston one. The not as cool Marky Mark one.

I’ll watch that X-Men movie before I watch this one. But at least Andy Serkis is getting work.

7. Cowboys and Aliens
I had heard something about this before I saw the preview before Harry Potter. I didn’t know what to think, but after the preview, I was wow’d. Daniel Craig wakes up and has no memory, and some device on his arm. Then Harrison Ford shows up. This is another one I’d like to see in the theater. I might even be able to drag Christy to go with me.

Special Note: This movie is set in 1873 Arizona, and probably shows us why they’re so against aliens, illegal or otherwise.

8. Battle: Los Angeles
I promised my kids a movie if they behaved well one week. The movie they picked was Skyline. I read that this movie took less than a year to go from concept to script to screen. It showed. I also think the reason that happened is because of this movie, Battle: LA. I’ve seen the trailer online, and it looks interesting – but the motion tracking seemed a bit off. Of course, part of what I do is in this line – so when I see mistakes like this in a big budget film, I get miffed. It doesn’t bother me when it’s low budget indie films, but it’s inexcusable when it’s a multi-million dollar feature film.


9. Super 8
This is a JJ Abrams film, written and directed. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, because Abrams isn’t as hot as Hollywood makes him out to be. Cloverfield, anyone? This is not tied to Cloverfield, but rather an homage to the late 70s and early 80s sci-fi movies. Something escapes a government train. I’m always down for a sci-fi flick, but with Abrams behind it, I’m tempted to wait till the dollar theater.

DOLLAR THEATER.  Unless someone takes me on a date and buys me soda and popcorn at the non-dollar theater.

10. Transformers 3
The last Transformers movie was so bad that it ruined the first one. I liked the first one. Until I saw the second one. And then I re-watched the first one and realized all that bad stuff was in the first one – we just chose to over look it because it was Transformers. So what does that mean for 3? It means the pit is deep and there will need to be a lot of crawling to be done to rise out of the ‘fallen.’

Something tells me my son will want to see this. And something tells me I’ll take him. And something tells me I’ll regret it soon afterwards. At least I didn’t have to explain what a scrotum was last time.

11. Thor
At the end of Iron Man 2, we were treated to something fantastic: The Avenger Initiative, and Mjolnir – Thor’s Hammer. Now, I’m all for Marvel expanding out into the movies and incorporating other franchises, etc… but to go from Iron Man to Thor…. hmmm. Maybe that’s what happened in the comic books, but I’m not sure I’m going to really enjoy Thor. Who knows.

I’m sure I’ll see this, but I’m not sure where. Maybe a rental… or if someone gets me a bootleg.

12. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Tom Cruise doing impossible missions.

13. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide
They really should just start calling this “Johnny Depp: Pirates.” Because that’s all it really is, right? Johnny Depp acting mildly humorous as dressed as a pirate. Don’t get me wrong, Capt. Jack Sparrow gets all the chicks at Magic Time Machine and the comic conventions, but in the movies? Meh. Yo ho ho and I haven’t even seen the third one yet.

14. The First Avenger: Captain America
Oh, hey, two Avenger movies from Marvel in 2011. I guess this has to happen because Cappy happens in the 40s. Thor has to travel through time to land in Tony Stark’s world.

I think I’ll make an effort to go see this. First, the costume looks fantastic – a great mix of the original Cappy and modern technology. It’s got me psyched. I’m psyched that we’ll see him fighting Nazis. I’ll be more psyched if we get to see him fighting Nazi ZOMBIES! Oh yeah. Plus – I’m pretty sure this will be 2011’s Joker costume. So many people will dress like this. And they’ll look nothing like Cappy.

15. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt. 2.
The last of the Harry Potter movies. There are seven books, but they managed to pull an extra movie out of this by splitting the last one into two. Not bad, really. I did see Pt. 1 at Thanksgiving and enjoyed it. I just hope they don’t screw the pooch on this.

Yeah, we’ll be watching this. Won’t be standing in line for it, but we’ll be watching it. I think they are doing 3D, which I’ll skip out on.

Oh, I was going to put pictures in this, but I put pictures in the last one and it didn’t get a whole lot of views. So do what we did before the internet, use your imagination.

This is what my imagination looks like now with the internet.

Special thanks to the First Grade Class at Brentwood School. I completely stole a student’s picture for my own personal gain. I hope Mrs. Silvers and Mrs. Gursky don’t mind too much.