Thanks to a former classmate and Facebook friend, I was able to see this story –
Firefighters watch house burn

There are a couple of things that really bother me here, especially because the firefighters responded to the neighbor’s call (who had paid on time) and then just sat there while a man’s life turned to ashes.

I think this points out the absurdity we have with rules, regulations, and laws. From my understanding, the policy is that if someone hasn’t paid the fee, then the fire department doesn’t respond to the call. I think none of us would be reading this had that been the case – but the neighbor called, got the fire dept. out there, and then they just watched as the Cranick’s lost their home. Why not make an exception to the policy, and then work in some sort of addendum later? Four pets would have survived, and the Cranick’s would have been able to salvage some of their home. Yes, you can replace a TV and a computer, but you can’t replace the portrait of your great-grandparents or the lock of hair from your babies.

Why not change the policy that if you don’t have coverage, they’s still respond, but you have to pay a fine in addition to the fee? If my house was on fire, I’d want it put out! If it cost me a $75 fee plus an additional $100 or so, it’d be worth it to me just to know that I may not lose everything.

And what would have happened if there were children trapped in that house? Would the firefighters just sat there and watched?

This may sound a bit far-fetched, but what if this policy extended to other services in rural communities? What if there was a serial killer on the lose, and the Cranick’s hadn’t paid the fee? Would the killer only be charged for the murders of those who were paid up? The judge tosses out any lawsuits or charges brought forth on the behalf of those without coverage? It sounds a bit out there, I know, but if they choose not to save you from fire, what makes you think they’d save you from anything else?

As Olbermann pointed out, this ‘a la carte’ type of government really wouldn’t work overall, especially when you add this article to the mix. If you see where the wealth lies in actuality, you’ll see that 95% of the wealth in America belongs to the top 40% of America. What does that mean? It means that the poor wouldn’t be able to pay for these services, and the government would pander to the wealthy. Personally, I think the government needs to protect and serve the ENTIRE country, not the top 40%. Sort of makes you think the sci-fi writers were more right than we wanted to believe.

As a result of this story, I hope that two things happen –

I hope that the Cranick’s can get their home rebuilt with the help from others. Their fire insurance won’t pay for everything, so I hope that they can find some sort of help in their community – possibly even the world. Maybe the Gregory Brothers can do something to raise awareness like they did for Antoine Dodson and his sister.

I also hope that Obion County will change their policy. I would ask that they vote Mayor David Crocker out of office, but I’m sure he’s a decent guy who just thinks he has to follow the letter of the law. A change in the policy should be enough to effect change and keep people from losing homes and pets and God forbid, family members.