I bought the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360. I paid $35 for it. Sam’s Club was clearing them out. I actually got their last two and gave the other to a good friend of mine. I was pleased.

And about a year later, the Format Wars ended. HD-DVDs lost. Blu-ray won. I was disappointed, but also happy.

HD-DVD on the left, Blu-ray on the right, here I am... stuck in the middle.

HD-DVD needed extending claws to beat Blu-ray.

I have bought more HD-DVD discs since the end of the format wars. Sure, they’re harder to find in retail outlets, but I happened to buy 5 or 6 from Goodwill for $4 each. I found MI:3 at Half Price Books – before the end of the format wars, mind you – for $9. And occasionally, I find some good deals. Sometimes the movie itself isn’t that great, but when you can get HD for less than regular DVDs, it’s almost worth it.

I can't quit you.

HD-DVD, I cain't quit you.

I live really close to Half-Price Books. I swing in there from time to time to see what’s going on. Slowly, they’ve been getting more and more HD-DVDs. I’ve noticed that they’ve been adding more and more titles. There are even two copies of Brokeback Mountain!

But there’s one problem –


What the heck, HPB? Do you somehow think that these are now “Collector’s Items?” Are they now somehow worth more because there aren’t as many now? How is it that every other outlet getting rid of these things are practically paying you to take them off their hands, but you HPB, are looking to score major loot of these things.

Little tip – If you have a lot of copies of a particular movie sitting on your shelf in DVD format, then you’re not going to move too many copies of the SAME movie in HD-DVD format. Especially when you can get two or three copies on DVD for the price of the ‘obsolete’ HD-DVD version.

Gallon of Pennies

How much is in this jug? Over 20 HD-DVDs!!!

Here’s the thing – you can buy HD-DVD movies at Amazon.com for PENNIES!!! PENNIES, I say! I paid $30 forTransformers when it came out. Now you can buy it online for less than a DOLLAR!

Why would I spend $20 on an HD-DVD movie at HPB, when I could spend $20 on Amazon and get almost 10 movies for the price, INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!

Okay, so maybe I’m a little annoyed, but shouldn’t I be? I mean, you can buy VHS tapes for a dollar almost anywhere you go. In fact, a lot of places will just give you the VHS tape if you even look in its general direction.

And yes, I’m annoyed at Blu-ray. I don’t think it’s a better quality. I don’t think there’s more to a Blu-ray movie than anywhere else. Some people tell me that BR holds more. That’s cool, but how many deleted scenes can a person watch? I mean, they were deleted for a reason, right? I’ve watched deleted scenes, alternate endings, and cast commentary.

IT DID NOT ADD TO THE EXPERIENCE. The best I could muster was some trivia at a party. Or, a better understanding of exactly how horrible Transformers could have been.

I guess what I’m trying to get across here is that if you find some cheap HD-DVDs, let me know. I’ll probably pick them up. Even if the movies aren’t that great.