We have a 2007 Dodge Magnum. It’s been a really cool car. It hauls what we need to haul, but come the end of October, it won’t. We’ll have two adults and four kids to haul, and sweet as that ride is, the Magnum won’t haul that many people, no matter how tiny they may be. So for the last few months, we’ve been casually looking for a minivan. I say casually, because I think deep down neither Christy nor I really¬†want a minivan.

I have considered getting one of those old conversion type vans, preferably a GMC or Chevy just because I dig the lines on those things better than the Econolines. Unfortunately for me, Christy says they give her bad memories from riding in a 15 passenger bus everywhere. I suppose even hand-painting some sort of Unicorn/Star Wars/A-Team mural on the side wouldn’t help. And I’m pretty sure she’d not enjoy the green shag carpet I’d toss up in that sucker. I think she would dig the fridge and the mirror ball, though. Maybe not…

So here’s the series of events as they unfolded.

Christy called me yesterday morning. There was a purchase on our debit card that was placed at 11:10a at a Goodwill in Austin. She asked me about it, and since we were at Academy in San Marcos at that time, it wasn’t us. She went ahead and cancelled my card and ordered a new one, which should be here in 7-10 days. No biggie, just a slight inconvenience.

Around 12:45p, Christy called me again. She had called Goodwill about it, and found out that there had been an error. On June 8th, Goodwill had an issue with processing card transactions. None of them had gone through. So today, they were able to process those transactions. From the accounting office in Austin – which is why it looked like someone made a $25 purchase in Austin with my card when we were clearly at Academy at that point. Again, no biggie. Our problems surely weren’t as big as the accountant guy taking calls all day long from people who were probably not as cool-headed as my wife. Someone pray for that guy!

Well, the AC wasn’t cooling properly today, so I thought I needed to change the filter. I’ve neglected it for a little bit, and I thought surely it would need some love. Well, I had to go get Christy’s card, because mine was deactivated. As I make it towards the highway, I see this guy crossing the street. He’s wearing a striped polo style shirt and some navy blue shorts. He was carrying jumper cables.

I stopped and asked if he needed a ride. He pointed at the gas station that was a few hundred feet away and said he needed a jump. I told him to hop in and I drove him up to his truck. We hooked up the cables, and it started right up. He was very thankful and handed me a card. Turns out, he’s a auto wholesaler and buys and sells cars all the time. He asked if we were ever looking for something, to give him a call. That’s when I piped in – Actually, we need a minivan! He said he could find one and he’d sell it to us for cost +$500. Sounds great to me, so I’ll be emailing him shortly when I get a better idea of what we’re looking for.

After we both drove off, I thanked God – because He always opens doors for us. He never gives us more than we can handle, and always gives us what we need.

Maybe this won’t work out. Maybe he won’t be able to find what we need, or maybe we won’t be able to work things out. But right now, I see nothing but God’s Glory. I’m sure some people would say that this was nothing more than coincidence, or that it was just a ‘right place, right time’ sort of deal. But from where I sit, it’s nothing short of God doing work.

Normally I don’t help too many people, especially people who are out on the streets (literally.) But for some reason I stopped – in the middle of the street – and had this complete stranger get in my car. And it turned out to be an open door.

I’d love to hear stories from you about how you normally don’t do something, but did, and it really opened up a door for you.