I love Facebook. I think it’s a great way to be in touch with others in one central place. If I need to get a message out to people who I went to high school with, I can hit a couple buttons and send a message. If someone needs to get in touch with me, they can look me up and do so.
One thing that bothers me is how people post things on Facebook, and then get mad when I don’t agree with their ‘status update.
Whenever I post something that could be taken as a controversial topic – I allow the following discussion to happen and don’t delete anyone’s post (unless it’s grotesquely offensive). I like to see people present their opinions and defend them to others. I don’t think it makes us enemies because we have differing opinions on various topics – I think it helps build a better relationship in general. If nothing else, it’ll tell me what I can and cannot discuss around that person.
Unfortunately, other people post their status updates and then use it to dictate what others can contribute to the topic. I had a friend post something (I can’t remember what it was) and then send me a hateful message telling me it’s inappropriate to disagree with people’s opinions on Facebook and promptly deleted me from their friends list. Honestly, I was hurt that he took that route, but in the end, I don’t really need that sort of person in my life.
If you are going to post things on your Facebook page, I look at it as an invitation to a discussion. When someone posts something I have feelings about, I use it as an opportunity to voice my thoughts on the matter. Maybe it’s Apple products, Star Wars, or just the weather – I will post on your status update.
I feel that way when I post something – in fact, I encourage other people to post on my topic. I’d rather hear that you disagree with me on something and open that discussion rather than drop me as a friend because you think my viewpoints dictate my personality. My viewpoints are part of who I am, but part of what makes me grow and change as a human is that I can change my views at anytime when I’m presented with new information. So if I have something wrong, tell me – I’m a big boy, I can handle being wrong. That is provided you present me with good info. Telling me I suck because I have a different viewpoint doesn’t help either of us – telling me that I should look at an issue from this point helps me understand better. We’ll both grow, and we’ll be better people because we know that we can disagree with a topic but still remain friends despite that difference.
Use your Facebook page to declare your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs to the world. I think that’s a great aspect of it. But when you do, understand that other people will disagree with you – and that doesn’t make them bad people. If handled properly, you can come to a good understanding and maybe find a person who you respect and admire. If not, all you do is make yourself look like an idiot and actually become less of an adult.